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Tuition Fee Structure

Tuition Fee Structure

The following figures are for Nigeria Based students, based on full-time study in a program for 2020-21, Tuition Fee Structure is subject to change every year. Accordingly International students, including international students in Nigeria on a study. Our tuition fee may also be consider the Cheapest Universities in Benin Republic.

First-year Estimate

Engineering Faculty DurationYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Civil Engineering4 Years (12 Semesters)270,000270,000250,000250,000
Metrology Engineering3 Years (9 Semesters)270,000250,000250,000
Architecture3 Years (9 Semesters)250,000240,000240,000
Oil and Gas Engineering3 Years (9 Semesters)250,000240,000240,000
Software Engineering3 Years (9 Semesters)200,000190,000190,000
Entry Qualifications: Full School Certificate With 5 Credits Including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics And English
DurationYear 1Year 2Year 3
Business management3 Years (9 Semesters)170,000150,000150,000
Human Resource Management3 Years (9 Semesters)170,000150,000150,000
Project Management3 Years (9 Semesters)170,000150,000150,000
Facility Management3 Years (9 Semesters)170,000150,000150,000
Entrepreneurship Studies3 Years (9 Semesters)190,000170,000170,000
Entry Qualifications: Full School Certificate With 5 Credits Including Business Study, Economics, Mathematics And English
Estim University benin Tuition Fee Structure
Other Mandatory FeesAmount (CFA)Frequency
Application Form Fee3,000One Off
Admission Processing Fees18,000One Off
Fresher’s pack8,000One Off
School T shirt3,000As Required
ID Card Replacement2,500As Required
School Uniform18,000As Required
On Demand Examination Fee5,000Per Semester
Lab Usage Fees (ENT.ARC.ENG.ICT.ENG)10,000Annual
Academic Registrations2,000Per Semester
Student Affairs Fee5,000Annual

100 Second Semester

S/N             ITEM                  FEES (CFA ONLY)         LEVEL              
 Matric Gown Caution10,000       Fresher (Refunded)

200 Level

S/N             ITEM                  FEES (CFA ONLY)         LEVEL              
 Entrepreneurship  70,000200 Level students only (One Time)
 Transfer Fee100,000      Fresher
Estim university benin Tuition Fee Structure
S/N ROOMS                      FEES (CFA ONLY) DURATION      
 4 in 1  80,000       per semester
 2 in 1120,000      per semester
 Special150,000Per Semester

Billing Deadlines

The University reserves the right to change established tuition, Tuition Fee Structure and services, to add fees and services and to determine the effective date of such changes without prior notice.

TermBilling DateDue DatePayment
SpringMarch 3-11,April 4-1,60%
Summer June 6-2July 3-580%
FallOctober 10-12November 11-1100%

Payment Methods

The following payment methods are available to all students:

  • Credit card
  • Cash (exact change)
  • Personal check
  • Cashier’s check
  • Certified check
  • Money order

Students can also choose to make payment plans for current and future semesters only through Tuition Pay Plan by calling the company directly.Estim is may also be one of the Cheapest Universities in Benin Republic


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