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The International Referral Programme

Terms and Conditions


The purpose of this Programme is to recognise and reward alumni and current students who share their experiences and benefits of undertaking study with the Estim University Benin with people they know (i.e. family, friends or colleagues). By encouraging and supporting a prospective student to enrol at the Estim University Benin, both parties could receive a financial reward.


‘Referrer’ is the term used for an individual who refers a friend, family member or colleague. ‘Referred Student’ is used for the student who is being referred to the Estim University Benin. ‘Referral’ is the term used for the act of referring a student to the Estim University Benin.


This Programme will be open between 15/1/2021 and 15/01/2023 and will be reviewed throughout this period. Estim University Benin may decide to extend the above period, amend the terms and conditions, and or adapt the Programme i.e. by excluding certain countries or markets if so required.

Eligibility Criteria for Participants


1. Rewards for Referrers

  1. Referrers will receive a financial reward of up to 30,000 CFA (made via bank transfer) in either January or July (depending on the date of enrollment of the Referred Student) for  each successful referral.
  2. In all cases, a successful referral is achieved when all required conditions detailed in section 3 are met.
  3. Referrers can choose to transfer their reward to their Referred Student and they should notify the ESTIM in writing to arrange payment in this case.
  4. There is no limit to the number of rewards that a Referrer can pass on to an individual Referred Student.
  5. Referrers can also choose to donate their reward (in part or in full) to the ESTIM’s Scholarship Appeal.
  6. Referrers can submit any number of referrals under the Programme per academic year.
  7. Reward payments for each successful referral application under the Programme may be subject to taxes according to the laws of the country of residence of the Referrer.
  8. ESTIM University Benin reserves the right to not make a reward payment if a Referral is invalidated at any time prior to the payment due date.

2. Conditions for the processing of a referral application

  1. Referred Students must successfully enroll at the ESTIM and remain on their programme of study for the first academic term/semester (minimum of 12 weeks).
  2. At the end of the first academic term/semester, the referred student must not be indebted to the UoB in any way whatsoever or subject to any disciplinary procedure(s), including relating to academic matters.
  3. Referred Students must come to the ESTIM University Benin unattached and not linked with any Other recruitment agency or partner institution or organisation.
  4. The Referrer must not be in a dispute with or be indebted to the ESTIM University.
  5. Rewards are made to Referrers on a first-come-first-served basis (i.e. if a student is referred by more than one Referrer, the first referral application will be deemed the only valid one – unless the Referred Student specifies otherwise).
  6. Bank details of successful Referrers will be requested (and should be provided) upon the confirmation that a reward payment will be processed.

Agent Details

Student’s Details

The ESTIM UNIVERSITY reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the Programme at any point.

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